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Monday, December 12, 2011

I remember this place!

Your Ad Here I picked up the auction items in Maryland this morning. After some chatting with fellow auction hunters about past "mega scores", tigger and I got on 95 and headed south. We drove through Virginia, North Carolina and are currently camped at a super Walmart just over the border in South Carolina.

Walmart is great to Rv’ers. It’s a good relationship… they let us boondock for free in a secure area and we buy things at their store. More store would be smart to emulate how Wlamart treats RV’ers.

When I was 13, my mom and step father packed up 3 of us kids in the 1978 Dodge Aspen wagon and left Maine headed toward Disney in Orlando Florida. That was a looooong trip but a fun one too. At the time, I didn’t realize what a large undertaking that trip was for my folks. Packing 5 people and all their gear into a small station wagon and driving straight through from Maine to Florida?! WOW! My hat is off to mom & Mike for treating us to that vacation. It means even more to me now that it did back then.

Travelling through South Carolina tonight, I saw “South Of The Border” and totally remembered it from 32 years ago. I don’t remember if we actually stopped here back in 1979. I didn’t stop tonight although, I could have used some big honkin’ bottle rockets! Who doesn’t love bottle rockets?!
2011-12-12 19.27.40

The farther south we get, the more RVs we see. It’s fun to see other people doing the same thing we are. I always wonder who they are, where they’re from, where they’re headed and what’s their story? Here’s a fellow RV’er headed south on 95 in South Carolina. Nice rig.
2011-12-12 16.03.34

You know you’re in the Carolinas when you see cigarettes this cheap! In NY state, they cost more than twice this amount. I’m sure the difference is all just taxes. Damned NY.  I quit smoking 2 years ago and still miss it to this day. I don’t miss the wheezing, constant throat clearing and being out of breath walking a short distance.
2011-12-12 18.03.27

The sun is setting. Heading into South Carolina.
2011-12-12 17.00.51

And Tigger says… “Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?”
2011-12-12 16.02.38


  1. That's a good picture and funny caption. I see Tigger is keeping my seat warm!


  2. Hey Little Bro..Don't recall that trip..oh ya I wasn't invited. Looks like you are having the time of your life. Find any warmer weather yet?
    Take care and watch out for the ants in the road. Rene

  3. Tigger is keeping your seat warm. That's one of his many jobs. Tree water-er is another.

    Rene you were 16 and at a different point in your life. I don't think that disney trip would have interested you at all.


  4. I remember a few road trips like that too. But I think in the 70s that's just what people did. Lots of great memories :)

    When is it Tigger's turn to drive?

  5. Roll on Don, but make sure those Walmarts are not posted--"NO OVERNIGHT PARKING"...some towns have ordinances against it, and the cops will knock on your door about 3am!!

  6. Maria I agree. RThe 70's people did things that hard way because it was the only way.

    John thanks. I may run into Glenn in Florida as I expect to skirt the coast and see the ocean tomorrow.