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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Your Ad Here Can you tell by the bags under my eyes that I’m tired? I did about 500 miles yesterday and around 350 today. I’m in the middle of Louisiana parked at a super Wal-Mart for the night.
Mmmm. Funyuns!
Must have more funyun-y goodness!

Tigger’s beat too. He’s always tired though.

It’s HOT here! I don’t know if you can see the temp but it was a balmy 76 degrees today.  I don’t expect the heater to come on tonight either. 

The speed limit is 75mph on the highway. I don’t know why the rest of America doesn’t get with the program & raise the speed limits too. 55mph is so “oil embargo, circa 1970’s” .

We drove across the 18 mile long, Basin bridge. It seems to go on forever! There sure are a lot of bridges in swampy Louisiana.
P1010273 P1010274

Tigger says… “Phew, it’s hot in Louisiana!”

Dinner tonight will be another Sonic Double with bacon! This just might be the best fast food burger EVER made. I'm going to gain weight on this trip for sure.

I lied... I'm having the best pizza in Alexandria Louisiana for dinner ("suppa" for my Maine readers)


  1. Dang you're not wasting a moment are you? Bet those highway lines are all a blur.

  2. How are you liking being on the road ?

  3. Now I'm worried. Funyuns and not showering? Are you sure Tigger is panting because of the heat? LOL. Just kidding! Actually worried because you're tired and pushing that white line. Be careful Don. I think the funyun should be your new profile pic. ;)

  4. FUNYUNS!!! Breakfast of Champion Road Warriors nationwide!!

  5. Maria I am on somewhat of a time schedule until we hit Las Vegas. After that, we're on vacation! The ride back to NY should allow for much more relaxation and sight-seeing.

    Sassie, it's good. If it wasn't so expensive it would be better. At 10-11 MPG, gas is costing a small fortune. The 1st week and 1400 miles to Florida was great... very relaxed. Looking at the map and realizing I had 2100 miles to drive to make Las Vegas by the 22nd... that took a little wind out of my sails. I knew the relaxed pace was over.

    DSD I showered yesterday. Tigger refused to continue on until I did! I'm not tired as in falling asleep tired. I never drive when I'm that sleepy.

    John - Yes! Funyuns!

  6. DSD I changed my profile pic. Good idea >;-)

  7. I was wondering if you brought a razor with you? I mean c'mon you made him get all prettied up I think you could have done the same. Seems you are making GREAT time. Just keep it between the lines. When you start getting teabags under your eyes I am sure those of us that are following along will let you know. Stay safe little bro....rene

  8. Rene, I'm growing a beard for winter.


  9. Love the new profile pic! I've been away for awhile. Can't wait to catch up on your blog. Wish I had known you were in the Dallas area. Would have tried to meet you somewhere with a bag of Funyuns and a new toy & treat for Tigger. :)