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Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Sam ERS Versus AAA plus RV

Your Ad Here After lots of research about which roadside assistance plan to join, we choose Good Sam.

Both AAA and Good Sam seem pretty equal. They offer similar services and the annual cost is nearly the same. Other RV owners have good and bad to say about both. 

So why did we choose Good Sam? It came down to one thing for us...

Q:    Who is protected under the emergency breakdown service program?
A:    The ERS member, the associate (family) member [the member's spouse or domestic partner (i.e. two adults residing in the same household), and any dependant children 25 or younger living at home or attending college].

AAA doesn't protect anyone else except for the policyholder. They do allow services to any vehicle the policyholder happens to be riding in. That's a neat feature but it doesn't seem like it would be needed except for once in a blue moon.

So, here's to Good Sam for being progressive enough to realize that not all families are "traditional" and for covering domestic partners.

You've got our business Good Sam!


  1. You have done your homework on this one. Good for you and a big savings too. Ma

  2. Good to know! We had Good Sam but just the campground membership thingy.

  3. Hi ma! You found the blog huh? You should write one too.

    J&G I signed up for the Campground membership part too. It sounded pretty good and for $15 extra, It was pretty cheap.