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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I made it to Florida

Your Ad Here Tigger and I stayed in Dillon S.C. last night. It was a nice WalMart. Very quiet and clean. The staff was super helpful too. I asked a worker if I could use their outside hose to fill my small-ish fresh water tank. She called the manager who said yes without hesitating. I pulled up near the hose and started filling.
2011-12-13 11.37.36 2011-12-13 11.37.12  2011-12-13 11.38.202011-12-13 11.38.38

Gas under $3 a gallon?! Yup. Right here in Dillon South Carolina.
2011-12-13 11.49.51

While standing there filling the gas tank, I noticed a place across the street that no man can resist…
2011-12-13 12.08.04

FIREWORKS! I had to go in. Walking the aisles I could hear Herman in my mind saying… “You don’t need any fireworks. You’ll blow your hand off!” 

Imagine your largest local supermarket, swap the food on the shelves in 1/2 of the building with fireworks and you'll understand how big JABS FIREWORKS is. It’s amazing how many different types of fireworks there are.
2011-12-13 12.01.39 2011-12-13 12.01.46 2011-12-13 12.01.52 2011-12-13 12.03.30 

I asked the lady to show me the biggest, baddest bottle rockets they had. She pointed me to an aisle FULL of baddies… some as big as my wrist!

I couldn’t leave empty handed. There’s $65 worth of fun in this bag. She threw in some freebies too.
  2011-12-13 12.07.36
Now that the gas tank and the fresh water tank was full, I figured I should find a place to fill the 13 gallon propane tank too. I found this nice propane lady at an RV park nearby. She shot 4.9 gallons of the precious gas into the Winnebago. I was surprised that we had used so little propane after spending almost a week boondocking in pretty cold weather. I paid the $18 and off we went, with all the important tanks full.
2011-12-13 13.06.18  2011-12-13 13.06.55

The temperature in Dillon S.C. was a balmy 71 degrees and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 
2011-12-13 12.31.48

I got a burger from this little hole in the wall in Dillon S.C. The well dressed guy in the dark clothes was a sheriff. I joked with him that the police know all the good places to eat. He raved about the place and I had to agree. It was really good! Sometimes it's the places you least expect to be impressed... and BAM!
2011-12-13 12.47.23

Stay tuned for the trip to Florida part deux tomorrow!


  1. Go Don!

    Following your adventures, and Glenn's, and John's, and a few others keep me motivated to keep moving forward on my plans to get out of this town someday.

    Just by doing your thing and sharing it you're all a real inspiration... Thanks!

  2. Dillon?? Yeah, I been thru there!! You'll not use a lot of propane.....RV appliances and even my little Coleman LP heater are pretty conservative on how much they burn.

  3. Maria and john thanks for your thoughts.

    These RVs do have very efficient propane systems.

    Now, if they could just insulate RVs better so the furnace doesn't need to kick on so often.

  4. Bottle rockets and gas tanks. I bet you run with scissors, too! ;)

  5. Kyra I haven't recently! LOL!