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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On to Florida part 2

Your Ad Here I pulled over to fuel up at a “LOVES” gas station. Little did I know, they have a free RV dump & fresh water station and air. How cool is that?! So, if you’re in need of gas and you come across a LOVES station, stop in, gas up, empty the tanks and fill up on water and check your tires.
2011-12-13 16.42.25 1323812427772 1323812523273

Sunset last night. Somewhere in South Carolina  2011-12-13 17.20.55

1323814455602 I am the blue arrow.

Tigger posing  2011-12-14 09.11.18
We are parked near Port St. Joe tonight and will be heading west in the morning. According to google maps, I have to cover 2100 miles to get to Las Vegas… by the 22nd. That’s 5 hours of driving a day for 8 days!

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