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Friday, January 6, 2012


Your Ad Here Around noon we headed out of the Sonoran desert to find a town and hopefully some gas.
P1020770 P1020771

The first town we came to (Vidal Junction) was a one horse town with crazy high gas prices. I was pretty empty but I only got 2 gallons. I knew I’d make it to Parker (where gas was only $3.56) soon.

Passing from California to Arizona is uneventful but going the other way is not. Everyone has to stop and declare is they have any produce or illegal aliens. California is the only state that we had to basically be “frisked” before we could enter. I don’t understand the checkpoints WITHIN the USA borders. If they want to spend money to man checkpoints, I think they should do it on the Mexico/USA border not here inside the USA.
P1020774  P1020775

Lots and lots of this kind of scenery out here in Southern Az. It’s in the mid 70’s and full sun today. Do you see any clouds?

Heading into Parker Az. Crossing the Colorado river.
 P1020777   P1020780

Because of the desert and sand dunes, these “Razors” and other types of big UTVs are really common down here. I went in to a local honda dealer and saw the largest selection of UTVs that I have ever seen. They had all brands and sizes. Some even have 4 seats and doors. I guess you can legally ride them on the road with regular traffic? I can see why they are popular. Who wouldn’t want one?

It’s laundry day. I’m ready for a couple more weeks of travel now.

Here’s a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a longish RV trip… including my unmentionables drawer. You didn’t think it was all glitz & glamour did you?
P1020782  P1020783


  1. I am impressed with your neatness! This from a mom of 3 boys.

  2. Cathie my mom taught me well >;=)