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Monday, January 2, 2012

Why am I in the San Diego mountains?

Your Ad Here I am headed for "The Rock Store".

The usual scene outside the Rock Store
Nice mix of bikes. The 6 cylinder CBX was king in it's day.

I hope to take the scooter off the back of the RV and ride some of these awesome roads around here.
Part of the famous motorcycling road, the Mulholland highway

Maybe I'll meet Jay Leno and get to ride his jet engine powered motorcycle too? He goes to the Rock Store to show it off and hang out with the common folk.
The jet bike!

A VIDEO of it starting up. How cool is that?!

More info on the $185,000 Y2K jet bike. They would probably sell more if they came up with a better name.  The Y2K? Really?     VIDEO


  1. YIKES!!!!!!!! We not in Kansas anymore Toto!!

  2. Oh man, Don, you are making me so nostalgic this evening! Now Mulholland Highway is going on my bucket "ride" list. Fantastic! I didn't think anything would ever compare to Iron Mountain Road in Colorado, but this may darn well do it.

    Iron Mtn Road is 17 Miles of winding road between Mount Rushmore and the junctions of 16A and 36. It has corkscrew turns, pigtail bridges and 3 tunnels which frame Mt. Rushmore in the distance. I always took that route (Estes Park, Custer Park, Rocky Mountain Natl) when going to and from Sturgis on my bike.

    Now you've gone and done it. I'll end up having to have a toy hauler for an RV. Thanks a lot Don! ;)

  3. I will have to check iron mountain road out! Thanks!

    You should check out the Generals Highway Route 198. Its the road that leads to the largest tree in the world. It is in the sequoia national forest. It's 14+ miles of mountian road with more U turns and hairpins than you can imagine. The scenery is unparalleled.

    It is a little dangerous though. If you screw up in the wrong place, you'll find yourself being flung off the side of a really high mountian! Scary stuff, this road. Do a google map search of Generals Highway Route 198 and check it out. WOW!