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Monday, January 23, 2012

On the way to New Orleans…

Your Ad Here It got cloudy as we approached Baton Rouge. We hit the “wal-mart button” on the GPS and found the nearest one. Before stopping there though, we headed to get gas so I could check the MPG on our s-l-o-w 50 mph trip.

I gotta say that 1st impressions are everything. As I’m pumping gas an African American man and woman approach me with “fake hellos”. I tell them I don’t have any money and they waste no more time with me, turn and move on to the next customer pumping their gas. People can't even pump their gas without getting hit up for money? Geez Louise. LOL. That was the moment I decided I probably wouldn’t spend more than one night in Baton Rouge.

Random pics from rte 190 heading toward Baton Rouge.
P1040028  P1040030

I spied this little Suzuki and had to pull over and take some pics. Off-road only. There was no price but there was a phone number. Usually, when a seller doesn’t put a price on something for sale, it’s because they overvalue it. I didn’t bother calling. It was a good excuse for Tigger to pee on everything anyway.
P1040031 P1040032

This is your tax dollars at work. About 30 miles west of Baton Rouge on rte 190 we came across all these RV trailers parked really close to each other in a huge field. I swear to god, there must have been 1000 or more of them. By the green mold and dirt on them, you could tell they have been sitting there for years.

Questions that came to my mind…

1. Were they used by katrina victims… or anyone for that matter?
2. Are they are sitting in wait for the next big disaster in this area? The government surely doesn’t want anyone to say they  weren't ready for the next big catastrophic event.
3. What will become of them?
4. Will they sit and rot and not be useable when the next disaster happens?
5. How much did they cost and where did the money come from?
6. They look a lot nicer than many of the Louisiana “homes” I’ve seen. It’s true. Some People live in plywood shacks down here. Wouldn’t it be smarter to give the RV trailers to needy people instead of letting them deteriorate?

P1040034 P1040033
P1040035 P1040037

Crossing the Mississippi river

 P1040039 P1040040

I rarely drive by a pawn shop without stopping. I got South park “the hits: Volume 1” for $4.95. I didn’t notice anything that was “flippable” so we moved on.


Way down in the Wooly Swamp… You better not go at night.

P1040047  P1040048

Time to stretch all 6 of our legs and run around for a bit.

 P1040049  P1040051
P1040055  P1040058

Tigger always says…”Don’t play ball in the house”

In the next episode of the Don & Tigger show… it’s on to New Orleans and a much better first impression.

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  1. Looks like a place where snakes might be. Careful Tigger.
    Those trailers are like the ones here in the Auburn Mall parking lot for sale. They were used for road workers away from home. Not sure about those there. Interesting tho.