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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Annoying train horns... there's gotta be a better way

Your Ad Here All across America I'm hearing this...


A country as advanced as the USA and we still have these archaic trains running back and forth across America annoying the hell out of everyone within earshot with their crazy loud train horns???

It just doesn't seem right. It's 2012 for gods sake. There has to be a better way than these annoying loud horns?


  1. Two words... ear plugs! ;-)

    1. The best ear plugs block 32 db, a train horn is up to 110db. Do the math - ear plugs wont come close to cutting it.

  2. Sometimes they are annoying, but sometimes I like hearing them. I guess all night, and really close by would be kind of a pain. :(

  3. Glad you made this video. At some point in your life, maybe, these giants will be gone. I hope not tho. I certainly can understand how you feel. I grew up with this noise behind your grandparents house. I like it but not where you were. Annoying being the better word for that noise for sure. A better quieter nights sleep tonight I hope. Ma

  4. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for annoying & unnecessary things like train horns.

    All a city has to do is update its railroad crossings with certain safety features and apply for a "quiet zone" where the trains no longer are required to blow the horns.

    From what I've read it costs about $90k to update each crossing. That's a one time charge and the city never has to listen to the horns again. Googling the subject brings up town after town all across America who have silenced the train horns.

  5. More info

  6. You are lucky you aren't staying in more rv parks. There seems to be a rule that they must be located near a train crossing. Our favorite was out by Casa Grande, AZ; the park was located in a triangle formed by I-8, I-10 and a railroad. LOL Not a quiet place by any stretch.

  7. Fucking train horns fucking retards in tucson can't afford the silent trains. Tucson is a mismanaged shit-hole who's only source of income is the university. So, they will never upgrade anything.