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Saturday, January 14, 2012


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It feels like I just did this a few days ago. I wasn’t o-u-t of clean clothes but figured I wouldn’t be any closer to a Laundromat… so, here I am in Junction Texas doing laundry.

P1030516 P1030515

The cops here seem very bored and probably rely on tourists for their “entertainment”. I’ve been to both ends of town and seen a cruiser at each end set up doing radar.

There seems to be a lot of drinking and driving going on out here in Texas. You can’t drive a 1/2 mile on pretty much ANY road (highway or back road)  without seeing beer cans and 12 pack containers littering the landscape.  Many STOP DWI CALL 911 signs too.


  1. Have you stopped at any Sonics again??!

  2. OK Don, I just emailed you directions through some of the prettiest country in TX. If you've been on 10 to Junction, I truly apologize. You missed some great Big Bend country but at least I can give you great "views" from Junction to San Antonio. Enjoy!

  3. I haven't stopped at a sonic since Herman and I ate there last. I fear I am gaining weight on this trip so sonic is probably the last place I need to be eating.

    I did go to the dairy queen here in east bum &*(^ Texas and ask for a chocolate cone. The girl looks at me funny and says... "we don't have chocolate". Bewildered, I ask her... "are you temporarily out or do you just not have chocolate ice cream?" She says... "we never have it".

    Now, I ask you readers... how the heck can a Dairy Queen (of all places) NOT have CHOCOLATE ice cream?! That blew me away. I turned around and walked out.

    DSD thanks! I'll be checking that route out.

  4. Now that DQ experience would make me wonder when I'd left the planet!

  5. I thought she was joking but nope.

    I've encountered some wierd things on this trip but that just might top them all.

  6. Hmm.....I just checked the DQ inside Pilot here in Q-zite----NO chocolate ice cream here either!! What is the world coming to!!!

    Safe Travels!! John

  7. How can some dairy queens not have chocolate ice cream? I know the one in yuma az. had chocolate. Strange indeed.

  8. No chocolate!?!?! I'm proud that you walked out. Mom