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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Convection microwave working good !

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I thought this thing was pretty complicated until I started using it. The convection part works just as good as the microwave part.


I am cooking up a frozen Stouffer’s chicken & broccoli pasta bake. YUM !


I still marvel at the things inventors come up with. Gotta love technology. I will let you know if the RV catches on fire. LOL

P1030591  P1030593


  1. That acutally looks pretty good.

  2. Those convection ovens are pretty weird. Looks like you are dealing with it ok. Congratulations!

  3. We have a convection/microwave that looks a lot like yours. Consider cooking those Stouffer dinners with some microwave action, and finishing with convection oven. You get the speed of the microwave with the mouth feel, browning and flavor of the oven in way less than half of the regular oven time.