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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hanging out in Tucson Arizona

Your Ad Here I like this town. Breathe in deeply and it just smells really CLEAN & FRESH.

We are parked in front of the Tucson city convention center soaking up Tucson's vibes.

P1020961 P1020962
P1020955 P1020956 P1020958 P1020959 P1020957 P1020960

Time for a few sandwiches for lunch.
P1020947 P1020949

Tucson is about 70 degrees and sunny right now. There aren’t many bugs out here (just the occasional bee) so I opened the screens and the windows. I happened to push the TV over out of the way (usually it moves until it hits the closed window and screen) and noticed that it swung completely out the window. How cool is that?! I didn’t even realize the TV could do this.


Now, I can sit outside on a warm bug-less evening and watch TV. Many of the bigger RVs come with “entertainment stations” outside. You flip open a cover on the outside wall and find a big flat screen TV and radio. This is almost as good. 

P1020950  P1020951

You're probably thinking, "why would you need a TV outisde?" Many RVers extend their awning, lay down a big carpet mat, set up some chairs or picnic table and turn the outisde into a sort of extra livingroom. It's nice to be outside relaxing. Especially, on a warm, breezy night. Having the ability to watch TV or a movie makes it that much better.

We might stay in Tucson for the night and breathe some more of this clean air.


P1020952Tigger Says… “Tucson’s not bad at all. Let's go explore!”

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  1. Thats cool the tv slides right out the window!! I saw a monster 5th wheel that had a 50" flat screen in an exterior compartment!! They were huge football freaks!!