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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A bad school bus

Your Ad Here Bedding down for the night in a strip mall parking lot in Tehachapi California. A few others are doing the same.  This custom RV caught my eye. Lots of time and effort obviously went into building this. I hope to meet the owner in the morning and if it feels right, I’ll ask for a tour of the inside. RVers love to show off their rides.
P1020710 P1020711 P1020712 P1020713

Tigger and I are just across the lot in a nice cozy spot. Free camping at it's best! We are far enough away from everything and everyone that we're running the generator without worry. Yet, we're within walking distance of a Del Taco! I just had 2 soft chicken tacos. YUM!


  1. If I remember correctly there is a place in N.Windham ME that builds these special buses for people. I'm sure this one was done by the driver with pride. Nice!! Chicken Taco huh? Mmmmm good! Quiet night I hope. Ma

  2. Ya, thats a bad ass looking bus!! See if he will let ya snap a few pics inside...

    Safe travels.........

  3. I hardly ever see RV's around here, but I'm always looking at vehicles and thinking "now that could be converted!"

    The little shuttle busses the college and senior centers use would be perfect as would UPS trucks, some ambulances and utility vehicles. And yes - school busses too!

  4. Can you imagine Ernie Lowell driving that bus? That one is totally jcaked up. I hope you got to see the inside. If it's anything like the outside I bet it's awesome...rene

  5. I remember that place on 115 in Windham. They converted greyhounds too I think.

    John, I didn't get to see inside. They were gone by 7 am.

    Maria, i do that too. There are lots of vehicles that could be transformed into an RV. But it's probably just easier to buy an RV. LOL

    Rene I can imagine that. He was a good bus driver for sure.