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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Your Ad Here Everyone is doing something here. This must be the most fit state in the country. People are walking, running, bicycling, surfing, playing volleyball etc etc etc. We are parked on the side of South Coast Highway 101. Across the street we can watch the ocean roll in. It’s like I am on the sidelines of a marathon or maybe the tour de France. Everyone is in great physical condition. Even the older folks are getting their exercise on.

I’d have to seriously back away from the Funyuns and ginger ale if I lived here.

Watching the surfers brings back memories of “sliding” in the winter. You sit on your sled at the top of the biggest hill you can find, push off and go whizzing down the hill at break-neck speed. The 20 seconds of exhilaration was always worth the 10 minutes of work trudging back up the hill.

Surfing looks very similar to sliding… paddle out, wait for a big wave, push off, ride it towards shore for 10-15 seconds and paddle back out for 5 minutes or so. Over and over until you either get bored or tired.

I saw my 3rd Sportsmobile. They’re pretty recognizable. I like em.

You’ll find pretty much every type (and size) of RV out here. This was a 20 foot 2004 Roadtrek. Small but cool.

It’s just beautiful out here. This is San Elijo State beach. <--- click

No dogs on beach. Sorry Tigger.

Tigger says… “I don’t need to go down to the beach. I can just pee on all these bushes right here.”


  1. Ahhhh Don. You're making me think "anywhere but Ohio."

    I know, I know... baby steps. I'll just get a buzz off your pics for now ;-)

  2. I bet you don't miss Mom or Herman... *sigh* of relief!

  3. That is right near where I used to day camp - I'd get there around 6 am, leave around 11 pm, park in a parking lot overnight, and come back early next morning. That was my first few weekends in The Palms before I went to Santee Lakes RV Park for a month.

    I loved sitting there, looking out the window at the water and all the people going by. Lots of bike riders would whiz by on one side, runners would fly by on the other side. Neat area.

  4. At least Tiggers not particular about where he "goes".....never quite understood why a dog could go in the bushes, but if we did we could go to jail!! travels Don.....

  5. Maria, you could rent an RV and set out on a 1 or 2 week vacation just to see if you like it. I know it's expensive to rent but it's cheaper than buying on and then finding out that living in an RV isn't for you.

    Tina... Tina... Tina. 3 people and a dog living in a 24 foot RV for any amount of time is definitely a "trying" situation.

    Barb that San Elijo area is beautiful.

    John you just have to walk a little deeper into the bushes and you won't go to jail LOL

  6. That picture of Tigger looks like a cross between a fox, a coyote and a wolf. Too funny. Don't blame ya Tigger. I'd piss on an area that wouldn't let me in too!

    I used to teach scuba diving in Huntington Beach just north of where you are. Lived in Laguna Beach just a bit farther South. Heaven! Enjoy!

  7. DSD I am a YMCA certified scuba diver from 20+ years ago. I haven't been diving in a long time though.

  8. What made you move from that area?