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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post number 101! - I moved to the Wal-Mart

Your Ad Here If last October, you'd have told me I’d been making 100 blog posts in the next few short months, I’d have said NO WAY. But here it is… post #101. Thanks for reading Ya’ll.
This Wal-Mart has a 24hr roving security. He’s in a car with a light on the top. They have a designated spot for RVs that is so close to the ocean, I can hear the waves and taste the salt in the air.

The security guard pointed me to an area where I could park overnight. It’s a quiet spot away from most of the Wal-Mart traffic. I was walking Tigger and noticed this sign. The picture was taken from inside the RV.  I guess the almighty Wal-Mart doesn’t much care about the city of Galveston's stupid ordinances huh?

Here’s a quick google map view I made for Herman of the spot and our proximity to the ocean.

The weather here today has been super cloudy, humid and foggy but still a comfortable 73 degrees. Tomorrow is sunny and mid 50’s. Wednesday is sunny and back in the 70’s. We’re going to hang out here and hope for some good, sunny, scooter riding sight-seeing weather tomorrow or the next day.

Map picture

1 comment:

  1. Wow 101 posts... cool!

    Wonder how many you'll have by the time you get back home?

    I think I see Tigger on the Google map... did you know he snuck out?