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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood

Your Ad Here I am hanging out in Griffith Park in Hollywood. From here you can see the famous sign on the side of the mountain, This is the view out the RV window right now. It’s 75 degrees and sunny here.
P1020417   P1020418

Hollywood is pretty nice. I think it's the ONLY busy place where someone hasn't asked me for change. And trust me when I say there were many who looked like they could use it. I saw one guy pick a partially eaten ham and cheese sandwich from the trash and put it in his pocket. Did he ask me for change? Nope. I like Hollywood.

I checked out the walk of fame.
It runs both sides of the street and has every famous person on it that you can think of… and some you have never heard of. Here’s just a few…
don P1020352
Tigger & I are moving on about 4 hours North from here. A National Forest. Guess where?

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