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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mega-pick... the vehicles. For Nelson and all the other gearheads out there

Your Ad Here Here are some more pictures of the out-buildings, garages and contents. I am not sure what all the vehicles were but I know there was a 41 buick, a model A, a 49 or 47 studebaker truck (very cool), a sporty mercury muscle car, a fordomatic and a couple really OLD fords. Feel free to comment and tell us what the vehicles are if you know. Thanks.

Some type of Mercury Fastback? Notice the tachometer (aftermarket?) on the dash in pic 3 &4? Cool.
P1030840  P1030841
P1030842 P1030843
The Mercurys engine wasn’t looking so good. I couldn’t even tell if it was a V8.


More cars

A Coleman stove made me think he was just like me and everyone else who camped as a kid or adult.

Fordomatic? Supposedly the very first automatic tranny that Ford ever offered in a car. Given the name of the car, I don’t doubt it.
P1030848 P1030849

This was the trunk of the 41 Buick. Full of crap. People were writing stuff on all the windows. This sold for $1250.
P1030847  P1030850

Model A? Front end looks like it came from something else though.

Way cool 49? Studebaker truck. Solid too. No rust. Been sitting here for at least 30 years. Probably much more. I love the visor over the windshield. This was the coolest vehicle there in my opinion. They had already sold the Mercury Cyclone and the 1970 Mach 1 Mustang (w/only 6300 original miles). I didn't get to see those.

 I should have just bought it. $2000 was the price tossed around. They even had the title.

Slightly newer vehicles included these 1980’s… The guy was a genius. He mounted a winch in the rear of the self made, pressure treated truck bed. Not sure why he needed a winch but it is still pretty neat.

P1030860  P1030859

Behind the seat of the truck Rope of all kinds. You need rope? This guy had it.

An 80s’s LTD? The story goes that as he neared death he blacked out while driving this car. His mother, still very much alive and level headed, had him (her son) sent to an old folks home after the car crash.

Another Ford. Not sure what it was


  1. Wow, those are so cool. Wish I could have been there.

    I tend to attach emotional value to vehicles, not sure why, but I wanted them to get all fixed up and go to good homes.

    Had you gotten that truck... can you imagine towing it behind the View? Ha!

  2. Mercury Comet possibly
    Fordamatic 52 53 or 54
    Studebaker around a 49
    LTD Ford early 80's
    Hope this helps and maybe someone else knows for sure.