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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Speed limit on i10 in Texas is 80mph

Your Ad Here It’s pretty hard to get a picture of a small speed limit sign when you’re travelling at 80mph in a lumbering RV, it’s dark and the camera takes the picture when it gets good and ready… not when you push the button. So, here’s my best shot of about 5 tries.
I think the rest of the USA should get with the program. There’s no reason we need to be limited to 55, 65, 70 or even 75 MPH. 80 mph on well maintained highways is just right. I bet that statistically 80mph as safe as 55mph.
Another thing that NY, Ca. (and other states) are behind the curve on is the automatic feature on gas pumps.

Home in NY (and in Ca. & Canada I noticed), you have to stand there and hold the gas pump as it slowly dispenses 25 gallons of gas in your RV. Most other places have that little gizmo built into the handle that allows you to pump your gas while you sit in your vehicle to stay warm or while you wash your windows or do any of 100 other things.
I assume that a few handles malfunctioned decades ago. They probably didn’t stop the flow of gas, spilled gas caught on fire and someone was burned. Now entire state populations have to live without this handy feature.
A few years ago, I noticed a little sign on the gas pump that had a picture of a gas cap and it said something like… “it’s illegal to stick your gas cap in the pump handle”. Of course, I had never thought of that until the sign told me I wasn’t supposed to do it. Now I jam my gas caps into the pump handles as I am filling up.

I guess it could be worse… in New Jersey and Oregon, motorists aren’t even allowed to pump their OWN gas. I guess it’s just so darned dangerous to pump your own gas that the wise legislators have outlawed self serve. Can you believe it?

The roads in Texas are LOOOOONG, flat and kind of boring so here’s me amusing myself by taking pictures of passing a car. Exciting huh? I think this one car was the only car (besides me) on the whole 40 mile long road. Lots of space but not many people out here in west Texas.
P1030486 P1030487


  1. Wow I leave for a few hours and you post like 5 times. I'm gonna have to quit my job just to keep up!

    I agree with the 80 on all highways. Around here people go that fast anyway so they may as well update the signs. What cracks me up though is when I see a police car running radar from the median in the middle of rush hour. When no one is going above 30! What's with that?

    I had no idea that every gas station didn't have those little levers to hold the pump on. Here they all do and it automatically shuts off when you're full. And full service gas stations? Few, far in-between and quite a novelty in these parts!

  2. Maria, I was doing laundry and had some time to kill so you get inundated with my thoughts LOL and pics.

    Lots of those cops cars you see that are "doing radar" are really napping. No kidding. I used to deliver newspapers for extra money and in the wee hours of the morning, saw many cops pulled over just sleeping. You think they're doing radar or something important but not always.