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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cruising the sand dunes

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Tigger & I found the sand dunes park while exploring Galveston today. I was nervous driving on the sand at first but soon realized it was really hard packed and I wouldn’t sink in and get stuck. I would love to camp here but it says no overnight camping.

P1030636 P1030604

P1030606 P1030609

P1030620 P1030605

P1030623 P1030624 P1030618P1030635


We drove around the city and did some more sight-seeing. There are some really nice homes here…

P1030650 P1030648


And some not so nice places…

P1030651 P1030652


We checked out “The Strand”. It’s the cool downtown historic district with lots of neat stores and places to eat.

P1030668  P1030679

P1030676  P1030666

P1030672 P1030664

I stopped at the local pawn shop and bought some DVDs (South Park 5th season & Golden Girls 1st season) and a Grundig shortwave radio. I love pawn shops. I can usually find something that’s priced low (compared to eBay) and can be bargained down further. Also, it’s a great place to buy used DVDs on the cheap. You can even bargain the price of these down too! Each boxed set was marked at $14.99. I offered $5 each and ended up paying $8 each. Not bad !!!


  1. Nice beach. Reminds me of FL too where you could drive on the beach, do you remember that? Nice homes there. It looks so warm too. Tigger likes it. Did you have any seafood for lunch?

  2. Nice pictures!! I'm jealous. Any good eats?!


  3. I do remember florida. No seafood yet but there is a "Joes crab shack" here and I plan on going there tomorrow for some eats.

  4. Don't be jealous. Just take a week off and come meet up with me again. >;-)

  5. Believe it or not, one of the best medical schools in the country is located there - UTMB. If I had thought about it sooner I would have hooked you up with a friend of mine that teaches there. Duh, me!