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Monday, January 16, 2012

In a van down by the…

Your Ad Here …gulf of Mexico.

As we were travelling across the long bridge into Galveston, I noticed a car in a neat little, out of the way parking area near the bridge.

I thought it would be a great place to camp for the night since it’s right by the ocean and it’s FREE. Tigger and I like free. (Herman does too but somehow I don't think he'd approve of this spot). 

The road getting to the spot was not made for RVs but we got through without tipping over. It’s probably hard to tell from the picture but the road (I use that term loosely) really leans toward the ocean.

It was worth the trip because this spot is awesome. I even have a super fast internet connection here. It's fast enough to watch Netflix. I can usually get on the internet pretty much anywhere I am but it's a rare occassion that my wifi connection is fast enough to watch movies and upload videos quickly to youtube.

If you know this area, you probably know exactly where we are by looking at this picture.

I decided to “get my stealth on” and backed under the bridge. There’s a good 2 feet of clearance above. I am pointing out, towards the exit should I need to leave in a hurry for whatever reason. The RV is completely opened up. All the windows are open, the skylight & vent too. It’s breezy, sunny and about 72 degrees. This is the perfect sleeping weather and place. The low rumble of the traffic going over the bridge above and the sound of the waves lapping on shore… Perfect.


Even though this out of the way place seems like a spot where Tony Soprano might go to whack somebody, I feel pretty safe. I should sleep well tonight !!!
P1030560 P1030561

I probably shouldn't rub it in because I know home in NY and MAINE you're in a bit of a cold spell...but I can't resist. Today in Sugarland Texas, I thought it was pretty hot and muggy. The thermometer read 78 degrees. I looked around and noticed that every vehicle had their windows up. It was then that I rolled our windows up and turned the AC on high. Yup, it's hot in Texas today.


Tigger says… “I like camping in a van down by the river
P1030550  P1030551


  1. Very cool! Got your life raft for when the tide comes in?

  2. Yeah... seriously? Is there a low and high tide there? Kind of scary the more I think about it!!

    Was looking on the map do you know if they allow RV's on that Galveston Island-Port Bolivar Ferry crossing?? From what I read so far it's free. Can't tell if there's limitations on weight or length of vehicle.

    In any event... please be safe!!


  3. Vehicle maximum weight is 80,000 lbs, maximum length is 65 feet, maximum height is 13.5 feet and the maximum width is 8.5 feet.

    I think you're good?!

  4. the ferry looks interesting. I will take the scooter off the RV and ride around town. I may ride the ferry back and forth just to check it out. fun fun fun

  5. Tigger matches your couch! :)