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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He’s baaaaack

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He is definitely not living in this van. There’s barely enough room to sit in it and drive. Oddly enough, it looks like about 50% of the contents is just old newspapers.






  1. I wonder if he delivers newspapers for a living?

  2. Don, I just spent the last hour reading your blogs from #1 to the last one. Didn't read every one, but most. Really liked your posts from Quartzite and Yuma. We are going full time in June of this year and expect to be in Q and Yuma next January. You have a great writing style. Will be following you on your travels. Jim

  3. Jim thanks for coming and checking us out. As for my writing style, I try to write like I'd speak.

    I don't proof read often or spell check ever so you'll likely come across mistakes.

    Enjoy and good luck with your full timing endeavour.

  4. That's so weird - you must be right about the person being a hoarder. Newspapers? Why in the world would anyone hoard newspapers? I guess their brains just work differently from ours.

  5. That van reminds me of Mucci's car when he used to deliver newspapers. Remember that little red escort?

  6. I do remember but don't think the escort was that BAD was it? I delivered newspapers for 2 years in Albany NY. My car never even had 1 newspaper left in it.

  7. Weird. If you are going to hoard something; why would it be newspapers? Nah, let's be optimistic, maybe they were going to the recycling place.

  8. I actually talked with the guy for a while. He said he buys the newspapers everyday and that there's articles in the that he wants to read but he never seems to get time to read them so, he hangs on to them until he gets time.

    The day I spoke with him, I watched him put 3 newspapers on the "pile" in his van. When I asked about all the newspapers, he went to grab the 3 papers he'd just put in there... to show me, but he had to dig around for a minute or more to find them.

    He's compelled to buy the newspapers but never takes the time to read them.

    I mentioned that he must have papers from a couple years ago in his van. He quickly said NO but then relented and said, yeah I probably do.

    Funny thing... he was complaining about his minivan bottoming out on everything. It is litteraly sitting on the frame. The suspension obviously stopped suspending anything long ago. I didn't have the heart to say that if he took out the 2 tons of trash and bought some new shocks it would do that anymore. I probably should have told him though.