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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hanging out in Milton Florida at River Walk Park

Your Ad Here Tigger and I found this great place by mistake but we’re glad we’re here. It’s a quiet little park with a nice waterfront, boardwalk type walkway. There’s also a very well done war veterans memorial here.

P1040442 P1040446

There was a shadowy figure, scratching his head & staring at the RV.


The best part of River Walk Park…? THE FREE POWER. There are hot outlets EVERYWHERE.

Having real AC power from an outlet is great. It’s so much better than running the loud & costly generator. I’m charging the 12v jump box, the 2 house batteries (with my black & decker battery charger), the computer laptop, the cellphone, making ice, watching Hogans Heroes on TV and I have the A/C set at 74 degrees.

P1040444 P1040445

This park is such a scenic place that 2 wedding parties have come here since I’ve been here to take pictures. Here’s part of one.

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  1. Can't say you are wasting the opportunity to be hooked up! LOL Good work.