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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A bag of delicious goodness

Your Ad Here Guess what’s in the bag. Hint: it was only $5 a pound.


Yup, SHRIMP !!!

I bought them from a vendor in a pick up truck, out of a cooler. According to her, these little suckers were swimming in the ocean yesterday.


She said to boil them for 2.5 minutes and enjoy. I intend on doing just that tonight.


Today’s been another big eBay day. Packing and printing labels for 58 things I’ve recently sold. And, taking pictures of and listing 50 new items. The wal-mart parking lot has been graciously hosting us. Where would frugal RVers be without wal-mart?

Tigger says… “HEAD TOWARD THE LIGHT !!!”

More later…


  1. I have been following your travels for a month or so. Love you posts and interesting "view" on life.
    Would love to see your items for sale on ebay if you would share your ebay name. Understand if you don't.

  2. Cathie in the efforts to keep my business and pleasure seperated, I'd rather not divulge my eBay name publically. I have no problem personally telling you it though. I just posted on your blog too. Let's communicate off the blogs if possible.

    I am currently selling mostly clothing, shoes, vintage electronics and other oddities... motorcycles, scooters, dirtbikes, pinball games, cars... pretty much anything that I can make a dollar on after I've had some fun with.

  3. That shrimp looks wonderful - hope it was a good as it looks. Sounds like your e-bay business is going well! :)