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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Katrina damage in New Orleans

Your Ad Here It doesn’t take long before you get out of the freshly rebuilt tourist trap that is the French Quarter and you start to see the devastation left by 7 year old Katrina.

I think that many residents said "SCREW THIS" and left for good. I suspect that if you haven't rebuilt after 7 years, you're probably not going to.

Many hand written signs read... "for sale by owner" with a phone number. I bet you could buy a lot with a damaged home on it for a song.

P1040213 P1040222
P1040216  P1040215

When I was doing laundry, I was talking to a lady there who said that her home had been wiped out 3 different times by 3 different floods. She said she will not come back if there’s a 4th flood.

I got to thinking that humans are a resourceful, resilient but stubborn bunch. Who in their right mind would rebuild their home 3 times after having it wiped out by a not so uncommon flood?  A HUMAN. Winking smile  We don’t always learn from our mistakes do we?

P1040219  P1040228
P1040221 P1040230

You get the picture… lots of damaged homes sitting, waiting to be rebuilt.
P1040220 P1040238
P1040242 P1040241

Tigger says… “Hey, that looks pretty easy. I bet I could be a graffiti artist too”

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  1. I think I'd build my home on a barge so when it floods I could just ride it out.