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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

HOT in New Orleans !

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We rolled into N.O. around 3pm yesterday & found the nearest walmart (which is right next to the police station). First things first… gotta walk Tigger. The moment we step out of the RV an African American guy walking bye says “hello my friend. How ya doing?”. I said great and that we were enjoying the nice weather. That was it. He just kept walking and didn’t ask me for money. I know it sounds trivial and random but that’s my 1st impression of N.O. and it was a good one.

It was 80 degrees outside and 88 degrees inside the RV. I fired up the generator and flipped on the air conditioning. That made all the difference in the world. AC in the winter? I love the south.

We saw a spaceship in the middle of the city. It must have just landed.  No one else was taking pictures except me so I assume UFOs in N.O. are an everyday occurrence.

Where shall we go? The French Quarter, the convention center or the warehouse district?

From this picture, I think you’ll be able to tell which way we went.

These signs are a welcoming beacon to weary RV travellers all over the country. This one happens to be in N.O. right near the…

… police station. I guess we’ll be ultra-safe during our stay here.

I woke up to this cool 1980’s RV next door. They must have pulled in late last night. I didn’t even hear them. The license plate says ALABAMA.

Tigger says… “I’m content in any city as long as I have my toy.”


  1. Herman, it looks like a flight from Albany to N.O. is only 4-5 hours. I know where the airport is and will meet you there. Just tell me what time.

    Come spend a long weekend in N.O. with me eating all the good cajun food you can handle. Sounds good? >;-)

  2. Yes Herman.... we'd love to see your smilin' face again!

  3. When you took the picture of the flying saucer that vehicle in front looks like it has a small one on its roof too!! And YES Herman, go for it. What a trip and all that great food to boot. Mom I liked the first impression too.