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Monday, January 2, 2012

Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd

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After watching a beautiful sunset in Malibu Ca., Tigger & I headed toward Beverly Hills… for no other reason than I wanted to see it.
P1020252  P1020262
P1020231   P1020254

These people across the street from the ocean, had a great view.
With the 16x zoom you can see they were enjoying the sunset too.


Driving through Santa Monica.
Can you tell what the car with its brake lights on is?
A big cookie to the person with the right guess!
P1020264  P1020279
P1020278  P1020282
P1020283   P1020287

A video of my camping spot for the night... CLICK HERE

Tigger says..." All this resting makes a dog tired!"


  1. The sunset is just beautiful. Hope you had a restful evening luv. Thanx for the movie and I love your voice of course. Give Tigger a treat please. Love ya, Ma XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Amazing sunset. Did you feel like a voyeur with that 16X zoom checking out those folks on their balcony? Can we even talk to you now that you have slept on Rodeo Dr.? Tigger looks bored. Mom's right give that boy a ya rene

  3. The pile of broken glass would have made me nervous to the point where I moved on, in search of a safer place.

    BTW, I found gainful employment here!! Looks like I may be here a while to re-energize the cash fund!!

    Safe travels Don........

  4. What kind of cookie?

    Cool pics, cool video and hope the stealth camping went very well!

    @John - missing the ability to comment at your place. Has it been 2 weeks yet?

  5. Mom, the sunsets are really nice here.

    John the pie of glass did make me nervous but I put my sun shades in all the front windows so no one could look inside for something worth stealing. And, I was inside the whole night myself.

    Rene, tigger is ok. He gets too many treats

    Maria camping was fine. A little loud when the recycling trucks came at 6 AM though.

  6. Ok another question. In the first group of pictures at the top of the post, what am I looking at in the bottom, right one?

    At first it looked like train tracks but that's not it. Can you let me know. And also can you send me a hi-res copy for my desktop?

  7. Maria, It is the grill in the Rvs hood... just under the windshield. I was messing around trying to take a picture that would make people wonder. It worked!