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Friday, January 27, 2012

A view of a View from 7 stories up

Your Ad Here I was exploring the casinos parking garage this morning. It's looks to have been closed for quiet a while. From looking at its dips and buckles in the floors, I think I know why. It probably suffered major structural damage during Katrina or some other storm. By the look of it, it hasn’t been used in years. I wouldn't want to park my car in here.

P1040298 P1040299

You can see part of the garage out the Views window… on the left.

The security guy said they only use it for special occasions and big events. I think he’s telling stories.

Oddly enough, they leave the lights on 24/7/365. They must waste a small fortune on the light bill for this garage. There’s gotta be 100 lights on throughout the structure. I imagine once these remaining bulbs finally blow, the garage will go dark for good.
P1040300 P1040310P1040324

Structural damage on the 7th floor? Maybe the pieces are suppose to fit this loose? I don’t know for sure.
     P1040305   P1040306

Wavy floors
P1040304 P1040308
P1040315 P1040321

Great views from the top. You can see the Winnebago View in the bottom right. It’s the 2nd smallest RV in the lot. There's a little 1980's Toyota there too.

P1040309  P1040319 P1040301 P1040302

Free water?! Nope.


  1. Yikes, looks unsafe to me. I bet it was from Katrina. Maybe leaving the lights on is a safety factor? I bet you could hear those copters overhead.

  2. If that wasn't from a storm, then the GC on that garage must have been an idiot!! Was it closed to the public?? I wouldn't even park a bicycle in that thing!!

  3. I could hear the helicopters for sure. I think they were military.

    John - I would have to plead the 5th on your question... "was it open to the public".

    I think they're just leaving it there as/is becaise it's cheaper than paying to demo it. I don't think it can be used again given its condition.