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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I fixed the faulty propane LED readout

Your Ad Here I should have done this sooner. It was pretty simple.
Step one. Remove the entire unit from the wall by taking out the 4 screws and unplugging the 2 plugs.

Step two. Remove the computer board from the unit so you can access the adjuster screw. The board is held on by two small nuts. The tip of the knife is pointing at the Propane adjuster screw.

Step three.
With everything disassembled, plug the unit back into the 2 plugs in the wall and let the it gently dangle. Turn the adjuster screw clockwise to raise the LEDs higher. Turn it counterclockwise if your LEDs read too high and you want to lower them. It only takes about 1/4 turn or less. Go slowly and check the LED position often by holding the “levels test” rocker switch.

Once you get the LEDs where you want them, bolt the computer board back on the unit and screw the unit back in to the wall. And you’re done! A 20 minute job at the worst.

The Propane LEDs on our RV now go all the way to FULL for the first time. They would only go to 2/3rds even after filling the tank… which I did again yesterday for around $21.

If any readers know how to adjust the other LEDs, (mainly the battery LEDs) please let me know. Our battery LEDs have always been super optimistic. The batteries have been so dead they would not start the generator. Yet, the battery LEDs showed 1/2 full. I’d really like to adjust this so they’re more accurate.

EDIT: A smart guy named Bryon tells what to do to make the battery charge level LEDs more accurate. It's slightly more involved but still doable by the average joe or jane. It involves desoldering a resistor on the computer board and swapping it with a resistor with a higher ohm value.

Info here at this link. Read the entire conversation. It's good information.

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  1. You and Glen amaze me. I wonder sometimes about my skills while being on the open road alone, not so much as a "girl" but as a mechanical and electrically challenged one! :)