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Monday, January 2, 2012

My morning fix

Your Ad Here Here’s what I need to start my day. It’s become a morning ritual. Even if there’s coffee available nearby, I’ll make my own. I have it perfected and it tastes just right.

Tigger & I slept in a remote but quiet “viewing area” on Kanan road in the San Diego mountains. 2413 Kana Rd to be specific.

I pulled in after dark and didn’t see the signs…

I ran the generator until bedtime so I could watch TV and charge my phone and computer. No one bothered me the entire night. I won’t push it and stay another night though.
P1020169     P1020168    P1020174     P1020171

I’m amazed by how small changes in the TV antennas position can make such a difference in what stations I pull in. Usually, I just crank it straight up, go to “setup” and “autoscan” on the TV and wait to see how many channels it finds. In a city area, this is always fine and I’ll get 30+ stations (many in Spanish). Out of the city is different. I got 3 channels last night. This morning, I turned the antenna 90 degrees (it turns almost 360 degrees) and ran the “autoscan” again. Now, I have 12 channels and they all come in great!

I wonder if someone makes a gizmo that shows a power gauge or a scale and as you slowly turn the antenna, the gizmo tells you where it will receive the best signals? Any RVers know of such a thing?

My free wifi tethering app is still working like a charm! Anywhere I have a cell phone signal, I have wifi. It is generally so fast that I think when I get home, I will talk to Herman about cancelling our $47 a month Road Runner ISP and use this wifi. Having this free wifi and RoadRunner is sort of like having a cell phone and a landline (home phone)…kind of redundant and a waste of money (in my opinion).


  1. Looks like you are adapting to this life on the road thing quite well. I'm so happy that you are able to do this. enjoy...rene

  2. It's a tough life rene. Sometimes I wanna head for home but then I realize this may not happen again... so, chill and enjoy it.


  3. I am so glad you mentioned the tether app again. I saw where you had talked about it once before but I haven't been able to find the info again. Please tell me again, even email me if you prefer. Thanks Don!

  4. DSD it is availible from the android "marketplace" for free after you "root" your android smartphone.

    Google "rooting android" and you'll come up with some very informative youtube videos. They walk you through the entire process.

    Hit me up if you run into problems.