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Friday, January 20, 2012

Urban decay and hurricane damage

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A short while after getting off the Galveston ferry we started seeing pretty severe hurricane damage. This one place looked very ritzy at one time. It sat off the road about 1/4 mile and begged us to come explore.

The expensive concrete roads throughout this proposed development were still very much intact and useable. Actually, if the curbs were maintained, the roads could be perfect. The owners obviously gave up and who can blame them? Mother nature is not something to fool with.
P1030728 P1030730

The place had some pretty lavish landscaping. That surely wasn’t cheap.
P1030731 P1030761

The place was pretty much wide open. It said… “come on in and have a look around”. Who could say no?
P1030732 P1030733
P1030734 P1030735

Tigger went first to ward off any stray cats or other wee-beasties. He gave me the all-clear sign so I entered too. The kitchen had seen better days.
P1030737  P1030738 P1030753 P1030754

Looking at the place, I really think it is salvageable. Surprisingly, the floor tiles are mostly still fine. I have to assume they were submerged for a while. Yet, they’re fine.
P1030739 P1030741

P1030742 P1030743

We find out the name of the ill fated community…
P1030744 P1030746
P1030747  P1030759

Stairs to nowhere?
P1030750 P1030751
P1030752 P1030755
P1030756 P1030757

We went back to the RV and headed out to explore the communities roads. A few were pretty sand covered but all were passable.
P1030760 P1030767
P1030768 P1030769

Tigger says… “I just want a milkbone”


  1. Interesting how some places (and people) bounce back from destruction while others just fold and move on.

    I wonder if the structural damage was too great to save those houses?

  2. Tigger thinks he has to go to Ft.Ticonderoga right?

  3. Tigger would love ft ticonderoga.

    Maria I think this particular house could have been easily saved but since it was the clubhouse (anchor) of an up and coming oceanside community... and... it got badly damaged in the hurricaine, buyers probably said... "Ummm, no thanks!" to the house by the ocean.

    I think that's why they just left it as it is.