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Saturday, January 28, 2012

One night in Mobile Alabama

Your Ad Here We rode into town via rte. 90. It is a more scenic alternative route to the heavily travelled and kind of boring i10. The scenery was nice on rte 90. I loved these mossy trees.
P1040414 P1040411

There was something going on downtown. Oddly, everyone just hops the curbs & parks on the grassy medians. Weird.
P1040417 P1040418

We tried to go down to the “state docks” but were turned away at the gate. Security said it was a secure area and I needed a pass. Oh well. Maybe next time we’ll sneak in !

I found the walmart about 10 miles away from "the downtown area”. We arrived, slid out the slide, cranked up the antenna and fired up the generator. Not long after, we hit the rack.

The next morning, after googling “what to do in Mobile” and reading the rather lame sounding suggestions, we packed up and headed east.

Leaving walmart, I did notice one of the nicest cars I've seen during the entire trip. To me, this Buick Limited was the perfect blend of new and old. Odd as it was, the yellow/tan color was perfect on this car. It looked spectacular in person. Whoever "did this car up", had vision and major BALLS. Not many people would spend the time and money on a big 4 door boat like this. It just isn't done as a rule. This guy broke the rules and I love it.

Mobile didn’t impress me much but I will say I didn’t go out of my way to find any hidden gems.


  1. You have an appreciation for vintage huh?

  2. oh yes! I am a vintage lover for sure. I'm a child of the 70's and really dig when someone can sucessfully combine the 70's and today in a vehicle like this Buick owner has.