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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Exploring New Orleans

Your Ad Here Today I hopped on the scooter and made my way toward downtown N.O. and the French Quarter. I’m not sure why they call it that? Some of the side streets can get congested, The streets aren’t very wide and there’s 100’s of work trucks and delivery trucks parked and taking up 1/2 the road. I am glad I didn’t take the RV downtown.
P1040125 P1040111 P1040108 P1040110
P1040109 P1040112
P1040113 P1040118

The Honda scooter works perfect for exploring N.O. I can pull up and park ANYWHERE without anyone batting an eye. I didn’t pay a single cent to park anywhere. Even the police are ok with all the scooters. I wore my nerdy orange vest for more visibility.

The really keep the French Quarter area clean. Everywhere people were washing the sidewalks and streets or painting the historic homes.

Some of the homes are so cute and whimsical. Homes usually aren’t cute or whimsical but they are here in N.O.
P1040122 P1040123

I think I found one of the gay bars?
Yup, I did.
P1040127 P1040128

Nice big park in the middle of town.

Random building pics.
P1040133 P1040131
P1040134  P1040126
P1040137 P1040138

The inviting and well decorated covered porches are just awesome!
The famed Café Du Monde in the French Quarter. It was busy because I was there around noon but there still didn’t appear to be a wait for a table.
P1040144 P1040146
P1040147 P1040148
P1040160 P1040161

The mule towed carriages were neat but too touristy for me. Talking with an owner, I found out that above 95 degrees, they do not do any tours. It could be worse for the mules I suppose. They still don’t look too happy or excited.
P1040142 P1040179
P1040181 P1040178

Some shops…
P1040150 P1040151P1040152P1040153P1040154 P1040149

More Café Du Monde… out back this time.
P1040156 P1040159
P1040157 P1040155

P1040163 P1040164

Zoom Zoom
P1040183 P1040174

And I’m back “HOME” for lunch.


  1. Nice digs. And free!! Those porches are like the ones that women bare their bosoms and throw beads out to the public. I love the buildings. Ellen DeGeneres is from their I believe. Fun just keeps happening with you. Ma

  2. Don next time can you post a few more pictures? You left me feeling deprived :p

  3. Any chance you might pass throught Nashville? I am thinking about taking a trip there and would like your opinion of the place....rene