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Friday, January 27, 2012

The beaches go on forever in Mississippi

Your Ad Here This beach starts in Pass Christian and stretches out all the way to Biloxi. That’s about 20 miles of pristine, white sandy beach. The highway runs right along the ocean and there are many pull off areas.

P1040256 P1040345
P1040262 P1040260

Unfortunately, they have a few rules. Tigger didn’t approve of rule #1.

Since we had seen dogs on the same beach earlier, there was nobody nearby and we HAD to dip our toes in the Gulf of Mexico… we choose to briefly ignore the “no Tiggers” rule.

 P1040270P1040273P1040264 P1040272

The Gulf of Mexico waters here in Mississippi seem warmer than the Pacific Ocean was in California.

  P1040387  P1040266

Immediately after we dipped our toes in the Gulf of Mexico, Tigger turned around and made a B-line for the RV. I guess he didn’t want the dog catcher catching him?


We head onward toward Biloxi…


  1. I just love the feet and paws in the Gulf waters. Glad you didn't get caught! Mom

  2. You and Tigger are such rebels living on the edge and ignoring the signs...rene

  3. haha yes rebels. Tigger made me do it !

  4. Its OK, your ticket will come in the mail!! When you get home, you may have a pile of tickets for every time you violated the rules!! Cams are everywhere you know?? Just kidding Don.....lolol

  5. Tigger running back to the RV is hilarious. I'm glad he left footprints to show the rule makers that HE rules! LOL.

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