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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our last night in Quartzsite Az.?

Your Ad Here 14 days ago I signed up to stay free on BLM land in the RV. Herman and his mom Sandy spent 2 nights here with us in the RV before we moved on toward California. That 14 day free pass ends today but they gave me until tomorrow to leave. The town of Quartzsite is supposed to get really busy on the 21st. 10 thousand RVs will be here then. It would be fun to see but I don't know... That's 12 days fro now. What in the heck will we do in Quartzsite Az for 12 days?!

I checked out some RVs today. No one here has the Thor Avanti 2806 that I'm hoping to see in person... but I did get a tour of it's big brother the Serrano 31 ft. I liked it but I think I prefer the smaller 28 footer.

Avanti 2806

Avanti 2806 interior
Avanti 2806

EDIT: I did finally find the Avanti 2806 at Le Masa RV in Quartzsite. Great place. Here are some pics I took. It is a lot like a View inside but has a fill side slide, a real bed, a real toilet, a huge 32"x32" shower, 2 large 26" TVs a comfortable dinette area and about 700 ft lbs of torque. Of course it costs a lot more too.


The Serrano 31 footer that I checked out today - kind of big no?
Serrano 31 footer

I found my buddy John at Pilot gas station in town today. We chatted for a few hours until I went back to the RV to check on Tigger. John came by our campsite this afternoon to “chew the fat” some more.
I had the kite up so John could find me among the other RVs.
Tigger kept trying to climb into Johns lap so he spent the rest of the visit in the RV. See the look in his eyes? He’s just looking for an opportunity to jump up in that strangers lap.

We chilled outside and talked.

We had some Tillamook extra sharp cheddar (the best in the country I’m told) and Italian bread.

John noticed the moon  peeking over the mountains and asked me to get a pic since he left his camera home.

The moon 10 minutes ago just after John left. The days are definitely getting longer.
P1020862  P1020868


  1. So cool to visit with other cool rvers. Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. Tigger got them Cujo eyes... Yikes! That's cool that you bumped into John again!

    So what's this Avanti business?!

    Nice pictures of the moon. I'd stay for the show... scope out a nice spot before everyone shows up!

    Ta ta for now. BuB!

  3. Love the pics! Any of the inside of the 31 footer? Glad you and John enjoyed the company. Great idea about the kite!

  4. I like the smaller of the two RV's too. Nice inside, like home. Glad you got to visit with John and that cheese sounds Mmmm good. The moon was beautiful and here too. Last night, very brite like the lites were on. Have a great day today.

  5. They say dogs can sense if a person likes/dislikes them....I love dogs, and Tigger knew that! He's a good boy!! Was just being himself.....

  6. If we ever won the Big Bucks we would buy one of those 2806 RV's. Just lovely !!!!!!

  7. I'd say that's true of most animals. But hey... what's not to like? You're all uber-cool!