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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mulholland Highway... one of the twisty-est roads I have ever ridden

Your Ad Here I made it to the Rock Store in short order this morning. Come to find out, last night I slept about 5 miles away. I knew I was close but 5 miles was a snap.

Cool place!

My scooter at the Rock Store.

Inside upstairs 2nd floor

I took the RV up the twisty road. That was a hoot for sure. Low hanging branches lightly scrubbed the roof a couple times.  My pictures can’t do this road justice. The road just disappears around corner after corner. Some corners are so tight that I thought I would meet myself coming the other way!!!
P1020198    P1020206
P1020203    P1020205

I saw Lamborghini's, Ferrari’s, Porsches and all sorts of motorcycles. From talking with a local I learned that Sunday is the busy day here. I thought it was pretty busy today.  My scooter wasn’t the slowest thing there. I was glued to the back of a really nice silver Subaru WRX STI the whole way down the mountain. Try as me might, he couldn’t shake me. I wish I had pictures.
Shelby GT

1st floor food prep area. Ok burgers here. Not great or good... just ok, Pricey too!

There was a couple professional photographers and a videographer near the top taking shots and videos of everyone. I guess they upload thumbnail size pics to their websites and you can purchase the full sized photos if you choose. I will definitely be looking for the pics of me on my scooter. I rode up and down the roughly 4-5 miles mountian road 3 times and then headed for the RV for some lunch.
This lady was cool. She was local. She said weighed less than 100 lbs and her bike more than 600.

We are currently parked nearby in a nice shady spot on the side of a hill. It’s in the mid 70’s now and full on sun. Sorry my northeastern friends & family but... it's actually kind of HOT here.

P1020208   P1020210


  1. Nice ride, kind of like Mt.Washington? The bikes are incredible. Nice people that ride kinda like campers. Have fun, Ma XOXOXO

  2. I remember way back when I was a motorcycle chick. Well I rode on the back of my husband's bike but still.

    Wow to look at me now you'd never know. Love the twisty roads. They always make me feel like I'm a race car driver :)

  3. I would have left a comment sooner but had to let my keyboard dry out after drooling all over it! :)

  4. I rode a road today that was even bteer than Mulholland hwy! Amazing roads out here in Ca.

    Ma, it is a little like mount washington but shorter and twistier... and of course... WARMER! LOL