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Monday, January 23, 2012

Holy Hoarders Batman !

Your Ad Here Hanging at Wal-Mart in New Orleans… I went out to walk Tigger and noticed this van.
For a moment, I thought I had a new neighbor living in his van. But then I realized, this is a serious hoarder.

If his vehicle looks like THIS… imagine what his home looks like.


This is not something you see everyday so I had to get a picture for my faithful readers…



  1. I'd guess that person is living out of their van, and that's everything they own. That's sad. :(

  2. Wow, it sure was packed tight! I would hate to have to get out of quickly tho.

  3. Omg I know someone with a van like that! I rode in it once and it took 10 minutes just to clear a spot for me.

    And this person had a house with a garage and 2 outbuildings, all stuffed to the gills. Some people really can't let go of stuff.