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Friday, January 27, 2012

Poor birdy !

Your Ad Here Somehow, A pretty big bird got itself stuck inside the stairwell of the parking garage. From looking at the poop on the windows, he’s been there a while.  The way he keeps flying into the window… it’s obvious that he doesn’t know how to get back out.

I showed the 2 security people. They called the casinos “dispatch” who didn’t want to bother sending anyone from “facilities” out to help. Without help, I suspect the bird would die a slow death in there. When I mentioned calling the ASPCA, the security man called his dispatch again and made them understand the severity of the problem.

Security just pulled up to the RV & told me that dispatch is calling “the bird people” who will hopefully come out and free the bird. 

I think I am going to stick around and see what happens.

You can see him in the top right window.

It’s a tan bird with dark brown wings and head. It is about the size of a big pigeon.



  1. Stories like that always make me sad :(

  2. Glad you stuck to your guns and helped this little guy out.

  3. Admirable that you went to the trouble to try and get the bird out. We saw a sickly, thin little dog in Algodones, Mexico a few days ago and he looked so pathetic I wanted to bring him back across the border. I still think about him. There are so many dogs like him in Mexico - it's so sad.

  4. Rdidng through california near where the highway is closest to the mexican border I saw a sign saying it is illegal to abandon animals on the highway. I'm thinking... who would do THAT? About 5 miles down the highway I see a dog just walking along the road. On either side of the road were fences so the dog couldn't get off the highway unless he walked 10 miles or more. I felt so bad for that poor dog but what could I do? I could stop and take him with us and stopping at all would have been very dangerous anyway.

    I sure hope someone stopped to help that poor dog.

    I probably saw the same sickly dog in algodones. They lie right in the road for some reason.